MRV Prime

Appraisal and Property Management Corporation

MRV represents the family name of the young, dynamic, proactive, enthusiast and adventurous real estate service professionals who group together with the same mission vision of uplifting the standards of real estate industry practice in the Philippines.

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Services Offered



Market value appraisal for Lot only, House & lot, Building structure, Condominium unit, Business intent valuation, Warehouse, and Agri/commercial lots.

Property Management

MRV Prime helps developers in managing their condominium and subdivision projects by doing the following scope of work:
• Act as property manager and admin
• Executing house rules and regulations
• Propery rentals

Training, Research, & Development

MRV Prime conducts property management training workshop/ seminar and development to individual or group of individual eager to learn and apply in their field of work. We provide a series of lectures on Building and property management, Real estate marketing, Valuation of properties, and Leasing management.

Consultancy & Environmental Planning

We can help you in your Property feasibility study, Real estate consulting, and Real estate development projects.


We are selling properties coming from Real Estate Developers and property owners.

Legal Documentation & Transfer Title

We do process transfer of title by doing legal documentation thereto, such as:
• Deed of Absolute Sale, Deed of Assignment, and Deed of Conveyance
• Filing of documents with Bureau of Internal Revenue for CGT, DST, etc.
• Tax Payment & Clearance
• Registry of Deeds Registration of Title
• Cancellation of Tax declaration with the Assessors Office
• Extrajudicial settlement

CORE VALUES: Excellent service – good rapport and solution oriented practice

MISSION: MRV Prime sees the potential of every individual in their own way. That is why we are here to welcoming them and teach them to hone what they can be of service to us and to our clients.

VISION: To be the next rising giant in the field of property management service in the global arena.

Property Management Message:


The aim of the company is to teach those who are eager to study and practice property management as their professional work. We define role, task, or responsibilities for the staff working with us and execute the same in accordance with the culture and norms of MRV Prime to exercise in a particular condominium or subdivision being managed. As company standard practice, one working with us must possess great interpersonal skills, employ professional gestures and willing to be of service to unit owners / homeowners. We help and establish good connection with our clients to the end that the goal of the developer in harmonising the association is achieved. It is for this very moment that the property management is so important and acts as the intermediary for the events or affair of homeowners of the subdivision/ unit owners of the condominium corporation.

Yours truly are the pillars of MRV Prime Appraisal and Property Management Corporation, namely:


PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: (1) Lawyer, (1) Real Estate Consultant, (3) Real Estate Appraisers, (4) Real Estate Brokers, (2) Environmental Planner (3) Academicians) and (2) Paralegals